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Are you exhausted with your business - not making generating enough revenue and working SO HARD without seeing the results that you want?


Or maybe you're trying a bunch of new things, not sure what's going to work, and starting to ask yourself... "will my business ever succeed?"

You're totally confident in your skill set and passionate about making a difference, but the business and marketing side of building your practice or business can feel SO confusing and overwhelming, can't it.


Well, listen up. Many have been where you've been, and I totally get it.


One of the biggest lies in health and wellness and small business industries is the belief that if you're good at what you do, you'll be successful.

I'm here to tell you - that's just not true.

Having a proven blueprint is the key...

And we have the blueprint you need!

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To Grow your Business or Practice you have to know how to do business.
The problem? Most of us have NO IDEA how to run a business in today's marketplace- because, why would we, everything has changed. I don't know about you, but most owners didn't learn today's business skills in college, medical school, or trade school.


BUT that doesn't mean that you can't reach your dreams of making a big impact in your business or practice. Not at all.


Actually, if you do it the right way, you can learn all the skills you need without going back to school or playing trial and error to see what works.

And instead, you can learn exactly how to make a BIG impact in your business while experiencing the freedom of having a successful business that supports you and the file you want.

Better yet, you can learn HOW from someone who is intimately knowledgeable about business, marketing and your practice alike.

Exponential Marketing Transforms My Practice

Meet Zemira Jones 

 A Guy Who Has Managed, Sold, & Overseen Over 2 Billion Dollars in Advertising.
Managed Half-Billion Dollar Companies
On the Board of Directors of One of The Top Hospitals in The Country

And He Wants To Share What He Knows With You


As the latest achievement in a distinguished career, Zemira Jones has founded Exponential Marketing.


This leading digital marketing firm provides tailored online solutions for healthcare and small businesses nationwide. All strategies and services reflect Zemira's expertise and commitment to digital success.


Zemira's extensive marketing background includes notable senior executive roles at ABC/Disney, ESPN, and Radio One. His management skills earned him a spot among the industry's top managers by Radio Ink Magazine,


Nominated for NewsTalk Executive of The Year. And selected as General Manager of The Year by Radio & Records Magazine. He also pioneered the 24/7 ESPN Radio network for Disney, now operating in 300+ markets.


Beyond media, Zemira's consulting work spans numerous industries and global CEOs over three continents for the U.S. Government.


Zemra has served on boards across various industries, including healthcare, journalism, philanthropy, and entertainment. His experience includes a board of directors role with a leading U.S. hospital ranked in the top 100 and a board member with Earvin “Magic” Johnson's  media company, YMF Media LLC.

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It's my mission to change the way you do business - to revolutionize your industry,
to empower healthcare and small business entrepreneur make their business work for them
verses them working for their business.
This is the key to their FREEDOM and yours in life and your business. 


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Kevin M.

I am learned so much thanks to Zemira. This was Incredibly structured and well put together. I had my disadvantages but Zemira broke things down to where I could understand it. I truly appreciate his deep expertise his knowledge and the way he guided me through this process as well as others.

Wendy C.

I am learning so much about how to increase my digital brand reputation thanks to Zemira. I appreciate his deep expertise, knowledge and the simplicity of his way of guiding me through an unfamiliar, but necessary learning process to improve my online visibility. Thank you for your help Zemira!

Carol E..
Zemira is a blessing! His expertise has guided me to a deeper understanding of how to market my product. He is a consummate professional with a wonderful sense of humor. He is passionate about the success of my product. I highly recommend Zemira to all who desire the best marketing tools for their businesses.

Jeff C.

Exponential Upside...that's what Zemira's team will find for you. You are working with the professor...the man who went all in to find the formulas and innovative techniques it takes to market in the digital age

With my hands-on approach, you’re going to learn three major shifts you can start making RIGHT NOW to build a thriving business or practice without spending a ton on paid ads or working silly hours just to make ends meet.

First, I’ll help you determine your target niche, which is SO important. If you don’t quite know how to reach your niche is - that’s okay. We can help you find it. If you do know, that’s great! We’ll help you refine it.

Then, I’ll walk you through the A to Z of building a strong foundation for your business or practice. You’re already awesome at owning your business. Now, I want to make you a master at growing your business at will.

This includes mastering the marketing mindset. Talking about marketing can be an intimidating thing. Believe me; I get it. But buckle up, because we’re going to push through our fears and nervous feelings around generating predictable revenue through marketing and dive right in together.

Lastly, I’ll show you how you can set your practice or business up to work…even when you’re not. This allows you to STOP trading time for money and FREE yourself to bring in income even when you’re traveling...sleeping…or at the store.

I want to share the secrets of my success because I’m passionate about helping motivated healthcare professionals, and service business owners achieve the impact they crave.

If you implement these tools, it’s possible to reach more people with your practice or business while doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling your income.

You have two options here:

You can keep working hard, struggling to find clients or patients, worrying about burnout, and never feel quite sure what to do next.

Or you can STOP guessing and know with confidence that you have a proven path forward that will MAXIMIZE your impact and change your life.

With our approach, you get access to a proven, systematic approach that truly works.

It’s worked for hundreds - why not you?

If you’re ready to take the first step in changing your life and your practice, then click the button below to schedule your FREE discovery call with my team to see if this opportunity is right for you.

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